Go Out to All the World and Tell the Good News


OUR MISSION is to center ourselves in prayer, and from that deep prayerful connection to Jesus Christ, to evangelize to those who enjoy singing, playing or listening to joyful Christian music.

Our primary goal as Christians is to gain Eternal Life by living prayerful, joyful lives of discipleship here on earth.  We seek to share our joy through our gift of singing, and the example of our lives devoted to prayer, worship, and service to others.

Our Gospel-Rock group is much more than a “volunteer opportunity” or a “social activity.”  Rather, it is a visible and public means of demonstrating the love and providence of God to the world around us.  We believe that our joy and enthusiasm for Evangelization through music is contagious, and we expect our membership to grow as more and more people experience our exuberant worship style.

One of our most exciting goals is to combine our Gospel-Rock group members in the United States, Germany and Poland through Skype rehearsals, and for all of us to attend World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland, in July of 2016.  In this way we can be living examples of unity and cooperation in the world, through the universal language of music.