I am sure that a few times in your life, you were in search of a prayer for a specific need, and you could not find one.

Maybe your father died, or your daughter didn't come home or pick up her phone late at night and you were worried.  Really worried......and then it occurred to you to say a prayer, but nothing came to mind.  You wished you knew a way to pray so God could help you, because no one else could and you were desperate.

You looked for a Bible and opened it to a random page, where you read a sentence or two that did not apply or relate to your particular problem.  So you ended up saying the Our Father, the way you remembered, and you promised yourself to get a book of prayers so you could have it handy.

Well, we're in the digital era now and you can find anything you want on the web by Googling it, and if you have an iPhone, you're in luck.  Now you can download an Apple app, and in time of crisis, reach for it easily to look for a prayer to ease your worry and express the thoughts that caused you to seek God's help.

In the app, called:  Find God VTOREK, you can easily and quickly press a button and find a prayer that addresses your needs.  After reading the prayer, you can further ease your anxiety by pressing another button and hearing some suitable music.  Now you can immerse yourself in prayer and music and feel reassured that your prayer will be answered soon, rather than going ballistic with worry and feeling helpless as time passes slowly.  It's like -Prayer 911.  If you are in need, the app is at your fingertips, free of charge, and we only ask that you pray that this app might help others, somewhere in the world, in their time of need.

God, Peace and Music,
Fr. Kristof


Now it’s possible to send one of these prayers with love, to someone in need, by a screenshot. To take a screenshot: Hold down the Home button and Power button, at the same time.  This takes a picture of the screen.  Next, go to Camera, then in lower left corner is last picture – Tap to open-
Then tap Button in lower left corner -                                select message or email,– type in e-mail address or phone number (messages)- or post to Facebook, or Twitter.
So, if  you know someone going through a difficult time and you cannot find the words this App will help.  

​What our new Apple App for iPhone is all about

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